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About CCI UK

CCI UK is one of the branches of Celebration Church International that was birthed in August 2021 to partner with believers for their progress and joy in the faith, and to make known the ultimate plan of God which is salvation to ALL men. Our campus is located in the city of London.

We envision all men celebrating endless life in Christ Jesus, especially in the United Kingdom.

Under the tutelage of our beloved Resident Pastor, Peter Usikpo, a mentor, and an amazing man of God, we have recorded tremendous growth, testimonies of changed lives and desires, a people consumed with the zeal of God’s kingdom, and most importantly, progress and joy in the faith.

Celebration Church United Kingdom isn’t just a local assembly, but a FAMILY. A family of believers who began services online and bonded with each other. We are a people of love, joy and fervour.

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Worship with Us

Are you in the city of London and its neighboring cities? Please, join us at CCI UK.

Our services hold on Sundays by 11am & we meet on Tuesdays on Zoom for bible study at 8:30pm.

11:00 am

United Kingdom

Phoenix Fitness Centre Bloemfontein Rd,
London W12 7DB

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